It is more resistant than steel


Luckily.  Before people started building their houses, they already knew that wood could burn. Nothing has changed since wood can still burn. And despite this fact, we build houses, nurseries, skyscrapers from it nowadays. Is it really safe?

We can still remember the pictures of burning Notre Dame in Paris. One must ask the question, is it safe to build from wood?

Yes, not only it is safe but it also is necessary. Wood and the tests have already answered all questions about its resistance to fire and its behaviour during the fire. Thanks to this research we can place wood on the same spot as other construction materials. Knowing its characteristics, we can build 30 meters high buildings (8 floors) using standard concept way. Thanks to the special concept of fire resistance, there is no problem building 100 metres high skyscrapers too.


The fire resistance is crucial, not the combustibility

This saying is based on the fact that crucial is construction´s fire resistance, not its combustibility. In case of fire resistance construction´s load capacity is being judged, which means the amount of time it will take for the construction to fall. The second important factor is setting a fire zone, that would stop the fire and smoke from spreading in a given time. Thanks to intensive research and testing done by institutes in the Czech Republic and all around Europe, we can calculate fire resistance of each of the materials and the whole constructions.


The orientation to saving lives – Safety of people and animals is the most important criterion

The primary goal of fire safety and regulations is to provide safety for people and animals. To reduce any risk of fire outbreak, any explosions and to stop the fire, heat, and smoke from spreading. It´s essential to always count on the possibility of a fire outbreak. That is why we design the constructions this way, to keep all necessary standards of fire resistance so that in the case of a fire outbreak all people and animals can leave the building safely and in time.


The ceiling of width 140 mm is resistant to fire for full 60 mins

In the case of a fire outbreak, wood has an extraordinary characteristic compare to other materials, wood gets charred. The cinders are actually protecting the rest of that wood (like insulation) and slowing the speed of fire that way. This characteristic could be easily used while designing timber construction. For example, a timber ceiling with a width of 140 mm would last for 60 minutes in direct contact with fire.


Zdroj: Renggli AG


Everything depends on well-designed construction

Apart from choosing wisely the components, extra attention needs to be paid to the combinations of materials for any timber constructions. The engineers can use several standardized details and calculation inputs already made. Thanks to close co-operation amongst the designers specialized in architecture for the fire safety, appropriate and detailed solutions are suggested already during the process of making the design. This way good quality solutions are being found throughout all construction phases. The timber buildings´ projects can be executed safely and according to the strictest standards of the construction industry.

The current market accepted this development almost immediately. At home and abroad, there are countless houses designed and built as wooden buildings-safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly.


Zdroj: VESPER HOMES / aaron-burson

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