Skeletal, half-timbered, column construction, CLT?


Skeletal, half-timbered, column construction, CLT? None of these. We play by a perfect "off site" scheme.


OFF SITE - Production and Prefabrication 80% / Construction 20%

To be maximally off-site. Maximal prefabrication and precise production. We shift the important and decisive processes, work and activities away from the site. Where to? Under the lights, where we can see everything. Under the roof where it does not rain and the material doesn't get damaged. To warm place where everyone is feeling fine and can make decisions coolheaded. As a result you get much better safety, minimalization of waste, better material protection, good prevention of mistakes, cross-checks and perfect detail.


ON SITE - Manufacturing and Prefabrication 20% / Construction 80%

That's already been here. We simply don't do that.







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