The ingenious chain of services and after-sale service


We connect - we create ingenious chain of services and after-sale service 

One mission, one team, one contract. We are fully integrated. We provide comprehensive services in buildings delivery. We are the only partner for You. Everything that You carry on Your shoulders is supported by our robust technological systems that can connect anything.




Proposal and development

The highest degree of interconnection.  It starts with our quadrocopters to see the building site from a birds view. Our integrated proposal includes everything from architect's "thoughts" (from sketch to reality) all the way to a comprehensive BIM model.

Material and logistics

You do not have to worry about any delays or Your capability to sort out everything needed. The delivery did not make it, who would deal with it now?

Production and prefabrication

The emphasis being put on maximal prefabrication and precise production. We strive to be maximally off-site. We prefer to deal with everything in advance therefore we do not feel under pressure at the construction site.


Hours, minutes, seconds. These are the units our montage teams need when executing construction's montage. Each part, each bit has its exact moment and place of application. It is a precisely designed building kit, a system that allows constructing during any weather or season.


We follow the latest trends with you. We don't want and can't succumb to any marketing tricks and moods. We subdue everything with critical thinking and transcendence of the matter. This is the only way to innovate and to guarantee the production.


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